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Air Pressure
humidity and temperature stabilising fresh air unit


  • Humidifier and dehumidifier, heater and cooler in one.

  • A novel fresh air humidity and temperature stabilization unit.

  • Powered by humidity fluctuations, using only a fraction of the energy that is normally needed





Keeps the temperature in the comfort zone

Fresh Air

Bring in fitered and monitored fresh air.


Keeps the humidity levels in the comfort zone


A major part of the energy invested in heating and cooling is spent during temperature and humidity peaks. The novel ThermoTerra patent-pending technology stabilizes incoming fresh air by creating a destructive interference to eliminate those peaks, with near-zero energy consumption.
Recommended for: offices, schools, private homes, clinics, labs.


Key Features
  • Humidifier and dehumidifier, heater and cooler in one.

  • Powered by fluctuations in ambient conditions.

  • Active material regeneration by natural conditions.

  • Learning algorithm optimizes performance on the go and switches regeneration, activation, and low parameters.

  • Can be used autonomously or in conjunction with other HVAC systems.

  • Minimal maintenance.

  • 1/10 electricity consumption compared to similar products.

  • Natural active materials and sustainable design.

  • Air filtering and optional air purifying cartridge.

Humidity Power®

indoor intake

indoor outtake

outdoor intake


Our current achievements:

  • Basic prototype for proof of concept, running steadily having high performance and reliability

  • Fully controlled beta stage prototype designed as an industrial fresh air unit

  • A simulation tool that predicts actual performance and energy saved.

  • Advanced algorithm for controlling different operation modes.​


Our goals:

  • Looking for HVAC manufacturers that are interested in giving their customers cutting edge technology, regarding air quality, operation costs, and user comfort.

  • Filed test of our beta collecting and more data for improving the system control algorithm.

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