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ThermoTerra is a startup company researching new frontiers in the energy field for a better and safer environment. Our mission is to make Humidity Power part of our daily life.

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Zero Energy Building

The company's long-term goal is to develop a construction element to be integrated into buildings, that reduces or even eliminates the need for heating, cooling or humidity balancing. This element might be a prefabricated wall, insulation panel, underfloor heating, or even active insulating coating for warehouse rooftop.





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How can humidity variations be turned into energy?

The process of evaporating water consumes alot of heat energy, called latent heat. Sweating cools our body because some of the body's heat is used to evaporate water from our skin. That same energy is released as heat when the reverse process occurs, i.e. when water vapours condense on a material. Using special materials that can adsorb a large amount of water, and a patent-pending control system, we can utilise humidity variations to “charge” the material (either make it drier in the winter or damper in the summer) and then force air through the material to release hot or cold air as necessary and improve the climate of the building.



Home Heating

Acoustic Panels

Ventilation & AC

We offer knowledge and implementation services, giving your products the advantage of Humidity Power

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Humidity Balancing Indoor Fountain

The "Comfort-Zone" fountain is specially designed for balancing humidity and purifying the air that you breathe. Balanced humidity is good for your skin, hair, and breathing. Smart features use the weather forecast and control the activity of the fountain even while you're away. 
Recommended for: bedrooms, kid's rooms, air- conditioned offices, health clinics and more. 

"Humidity power is always there, we just make it available."

Dror Zchori, Founder & CTO


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We use naturally absorbent material, and selectively harvest energy at the right conditions.